Extreme juggler, Robin Chestnut’s show is an obstacle course of things that shouldn’t be possible for humans. But through some strange mixture of DNA, environment, and misguided positive reinforcement, Robin developed this strange skill set, like balancing a stepladder on his face while juggling, cascading up to 7 balls, popping ping-pong balls with his mouth or rolling a mini-basketball back and forth over his head. With his affable wit, flare for the ‘dangereux’, and care for his audience, you’re in for a great show with Robin Chestnut. 

Hi, I'm Robin Chestnut

Juggling Guild

The Juggling Guild website and related YouTube channel provides tutorials for beginners through intermediate level juggling, including practice tips, drills, progressions, and even sport psychology as it relates to skill development. 

Chestnut Farm


Two-Time Canadian Juggling Champion
Top Canadian, World Juggling Championships, Reno Nevada
China – Saudi Arabia – Bahamas
Pan Am Games
Western Canada Summer Games
Premiere Cruiselines

Chestnut farm, home to Robin and Rhonda Chestnut, started out as a hobby farm. For Rhonda, hobbies include horses, gardening, and cooking. For Robin it was juggling (career), composting and mushrooms. In 2012, bees were brought to the farm and Chestnut Farm was born.


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